Sound, Lighting and Backline

We are always striving to produce the most pleasing sound experience possible free of hiss and buzz and that very annoying feedback squeal.

Our preferred system is built around Bose 802 complimented with 302 Subs for clear clean room filling not to loud sound. We also have other systems to cater for different situation but again we choose quality equipment like JBL, Peavey and Laney.

Our Lighting equipment is constantly changing in an effort to keep pace with all the new trends in lighting and special effects and every effort is made to enhance any stage space with a great light show.


A special feature for many of our theatre productions is our range of wireless virtually invisible headset mics giving fantastic vocal reproduction delivered to the whole audience not just those lucky enough to have front row seats.



Our Backline includes Roland electric Piano, beautiful set of D Drums with a canon of a kick drum, a range of guitar amps including HIWATT for Lead and Rhythm, AER for acoustic, Fender for Bass, Kustom 15 inch speakers for Keys and other various items to cover most requests in a country setting



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